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These damages can occur due to the use of cinnamon in large quantities

Cinnamon is a very common spice in any kitchen. It is used in many types of dishes. Cinnamon is also popular because it benefits health. But, if used in excess, it can also have the opposite effect. You should know what can be the side-effects of eating too much cinnamon.

harmful to the liver

Research has shown that excessive use of cinnamon can damage your liver. A component found in it is known as coumarin, which can be extremely toxic to your liver if consumed in more than the prescribed amount daily.

can lower blood pressure

Cinnamon is believed to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetic patients. But, excessive use of it can also bring down the blood sugar level in a dangerous way. The condition of very low blood pressure is known as hypoglycemia and it leads to dizziness. It can also stop your organs from working. Therefore, it is advisable to control the amount of cinnamon used daily.

It can cause digestive problems

In some people, excessive use of cinnamon can also cause stomach irritation. It is not only painful but can also cause stomach ulcers and cancer. Overall, it disrupts the digestive processes.

It can cause mouth ulcers

The organic compound cinnamaldehyde is found in cinnamon and it is the main cause of mouth ulcers in some people. Some people also complain of burning and itching on the gums or tongue.

These people should avoid cinnamon

If you get mouth ulcers easily, then you should be careful while eating cinnamon.

Patients with gastroparesis should also limit the consumption of cinnamon as their body is not able to digest it easily.

Compounds found in cinnamon have properties to bother diabetic patients.

Asthma patients should be careful while using cinnamon. It can cause persistent cough and respiratory problems.

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