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The face of Kashi’s crescent shaped ghats will change, tourism will get a boost

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Varanasi . The Yogi government is going to change the appearance of crescent-shaped ghats in Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This will be made tourism friendly so that more and more tourists will be attracted. With this step of the state government, tourism is going to get new dimensions with faith. Actually, due to non-removal of the sand collected across the Ganges, the heritage of centuries standing on the banks of the Ghats of Kashi was threatened by the Ganges stream. To this the Yogi government drew its attention. Turtle Century has been shifted, due to which the dredging work is going on fast. A long wide canal is also being built. Due to which tourism will get a new flight.

Due to the accumulation of sand in the Ramnagar area, the flow of the Ganges has changed. The water pressure has increased on the pucca ghats of Kashi. Due to which the bottom of the stairs of the ghat has become hollow. The buildings that had stood for centuries on the banks of the Ghats were under threat. The government first got the Turtle Century shifted from this area. Due to which the ban on mining on the sand frozen across the Ganges was removed. Now the situation is improving a bit.

Pankaj Verma, Project Manager, Uttar Pradesh Project Corporation said, “A 5.3 km long and about 45 m wide canal is being developed by dredging on the sand across the Ganges from Samne Ghat to Rajghat at a cost of Rs 11.95 crore. The formation of a channel through the sand dunes will reduce the flow of the Ganges towards the crescent shaped Ghats. Due to which the erosion towards the Ghats will also be reduced. The heritage of Kashi, hundreds of years old, will be preserved for centuries. About 40 to 50 percent of the money spent in this entire project is planned to be earned from sand or sand auction. Dredging work is in progress. So that this work should be finished before the monsoon arrives. ”

“With this scheme, the empty space under the steps of the Ghats and the depth of the banks of the Ghats will be reduced. The silt that comes with the flow of the Ganges will automatically fill this place in about a year. Scientists working on environment and Ganga had been advising to remove the Turtle Century for a long time. ”

Varanasi Divisional Commissioner Deepak Agrawal said, “With this project the ghats will be saved from erosion. Also, a beach-like island is being developed across the Ganges in the sand, so that tourists can stay in Kashi for a few more days. On the other side of Assi Ghat, a beach-like environment will be created on the sand in Ramnagar and the island will be developed and made ready for the tourists. ”

The tourism department will provide facilities related to paragliding, scuba dive and other activities from the island. Tourists will also be able to ride camels, elephants and horses at the end of the Ganges, which is being developed like a sea beach. Devotees will be able to take a holy dip in the Ganges on important festivals. The beauty of the lamps burning on Devdeepvali on the crescent shaped ghats can also be seen from this island. The lamps burning on this island themselves will also add to its beauty. Public-private partnership can also be taken to make this action plan effective. With the creation of a new destination for tourism across the Ganges, the income of all those associated with the tourism industry, including sailors, is also expected to increase.


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