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The era of multi-language films: Rising budget, profit opportunities and growing fanbase of stars, making films in multiple languages ​​simultaneously is the new trend of the industry.

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  • Rising Budget, Profit Opportunities And Increasing Fanbase Of Stars, Making Films In Multiple Languages ​​Simultaneously Is The New Trend Of The Industry.

Mumbai17 minutes agoAuthor: Hiren Antani

  • Multilingual films increase market for voice over artist
  • Contents of action or period drama, North-South distances are being erased by star mix up

After independence, there were fights in the name of language and on the same basis the states were also divided. Still controversies like Belgaum are not stopping, but now the stars of North and South are making films in many languages ​​together. So the distance between north-south is getting erased.

The main reason behind this is to increase the scope of earning of films. As the budget of films has started increasing, to increase the profit, films are being made in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages ​​along with Hindi, so that maximum profit can be earned simultaneously.

What is Strategy?
Renowned producer and distributor of Tamil films S.R. Prabhu told that our strategy is also very simple. We do the cast mixup of the film, like some characters will be done by South artist and some characters will be signed by Hindi artist. In some films, there is a mixup between the producer of Hindi and the director of South.

Prabhu says that the test of South and North films is different. So most of the multilingual films are either on superheroes or period films. It will be difficult to make such films continuously, which are going to be hits all over India all the time. I don’t expect this period to last long.

It is true that the stars have the advantage from this period. The fans of Hindi stars in the south and the stars of the south will increase their fan base in Hindi. With this their endorsement earnings will also increase.

All rights will have to be redeemed in advance
The issue is also that dubbing rights or remake rights are an added bonus for the producer, but in a multilingual film, they have to redeem these rights in advance. If you want to take the right advantage of this, then you have to invest in the right film at the right time.

Bahubali showed the way, increased the scope of films
Ramesh Bala, a trade analyst from the Tamil and Telugu industry, said that the success of Baahubali (1 and 2) made the makers of the South realize that there is a huge advantage in releasing simultaneously in Hindi. By the way, the test of the film audience of South and North is completely different. Ayushmann Khurrana’s films of multiplex genre will run in the North, but in the South, single screen heroes are also needed to make housefull.

Action has a universal appeal. Action films also play in small towns of UP-Bihar. That’s why most of the multilingual films are action oriented.

What is the difference between shock and fasting?
Ramesh Bala says that films like Sadma, Roja, Appu Raja were actually made for South only. After becoming a hit there, these films were dubbed in Hindi. Now while the project is announced, it is told that it will be released in three or five languages ​​including Hindi.

Hero of South is now star of all India
Mayur Puri, a noted writer-lyricist and now a top-notch name in the Hindi adaptation of Hollywood films, says that earlier there was no focus on quality in dubbing. Now top-class voice actors were selected for a Hollywood film like ‘Jungle Book’. There has been a lot of focus on the quality and localization of dialogues in dubbing. Now everyone has understood that if the market is to grow in other languages, then quality dubbing is necessary.

The cost of subtitling is less as compared to dubbing, but many people do not feel comfortable watching the film while reading. Those who do not know how to read special, they do not get the market. On the other hand, the high cost of dubbing does nothing against the increasing market reach.

Voice acting craft received honor
Voice artist Rajesh Kava, who lent his voice to ‘Harry Potter’ in Hindi, says that the craft of voice acting has got the respect it deserved from the beginning because of multilingual films.

Now voice actors of every language benefit from the mix-up of some Hindi stars and some South stars in multilingual films. Like a Hindi voice actor will give voice to a Tamil or Telugu actor, then the voice artist there will become the voice of Akshay Kumar or another Hindi actor.

Prabhas has now got Hindi training and he himself prefers to do Hindi dubbing, but according to the rest of the stars, the whole market of opportunities has been opened for the dubbing artist.

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