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Survey Revealed! Customers do not want to stop in favor of huge discounts of e-commerce companies

New Delhi. most consumers e-commerce In favor of the huge discounts offered by the forums. In a survey, 72 per cent of such consumers said that the government should not ban discounts offered by e-commerce companies or interfere with their ‘sales’ offering. According to a survey by community social media platform LocalCircles, online shopping has become mainstream in the country in the last 12 months. 49 percent of consumers are shopping online. The survey covered the opinions of 82,000 consumers in 394 districts of the country.

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Of these, 62 percent are men and the rest are women. The survey said that a large number of consumers today are using this channel for shopping as they believe it is a safe and convenient way. Competitive prices are offered on the online platform. In the survey, the views of consumers on the sale of e-commerce companies were also taken. 72 percent of the consumers said that they do not want the government to impose or interfere in any way on discounts or sales etc. The people surveyed said that buying online sales is cheaper and gives them an opportunity to save. This is very important in such difficult times. The government has proposed amendments to the Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules, 2020. It is believed that these amendments may curb the discounts or sales of online sites.


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