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Shani Vakri 2021: Shani Dev is retrograde in Capricorn, do not forget to do this work, when will Shani Dev be the way, know

Shani Retrograde 2021: Shani Dev is sitting in Capricorn. According to the Panchang, June 12, 2021 is a Saturday. Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. The festival of Shani Jayanti was celebrated two days ago. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Shani Dev.

Lunar eclipse and solar eclipse in Saturn retrograde
On 23 May 2021, Saturn retrograded at 02:50 pm on Sunday. The retrograde state is also called inverted movement. The reverse movement of Saturn is considered special among all the planets. According to the scriptures, when Shani is retrograde, he becomes afflicted. For this reason, Saturn is considered weak in retrograde state. There have been two eclipses in the retrograde phase of Saturn. There was a lunar eclipse on 26 May 2021 and then a solar eclipse on 10 June 2021. The occurrence of two eclipses in retrograde is not considered auspicious in some cases.

Saturn will be retrograde for 141 days
According to astrology calculations, Saturn will be retrograde for 141 days. When Saturn is retrograde, it affects all the 12 zodiac signs. That is, its effect will be from Aries to Pisces. With this, these 5 zodiac signs need special attention.

  • Gemini
  • Libra
  • sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius

sight of saturn
There is a dhaiya of Saturn on Gemini and Libra. While Saturn’s half-century is going on in Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

when will shani be path
Shani Dev will be moving from retrograde at 07:48 am on Monday, October 11, 2021.

keep these things in mind
When Saturn is retrograde, some things should be taken care of. Shani Dev is considered to be the factor of justice. Therefore, Shani does not like those works which are against the rules. Don’t forget to do this work-

  • Should not be intoxicated.
  • Do not harm others.
  • Don’t try to grab the money of others.
  • Do not use money to harm others.
  • Don’t insult those who work hard.
  • Do not misuse your rights.

Remedies for Shani (Shani Ke Upay)
June 12 is a Saturday. Shani Dev is pleased by doing these measures today-

  • Worship Shani Dev in Shani temple.
  • Offer mustard oil on Shani Dev.
  • Donate things related to Shani Dev.
  • Recite Shani Mantra and Shani Chalisa.

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