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Shani Dev: Shani Dev did penance for Lord Shiva, was pleased and gave this boon, do not do this work even by forgetting, Shani Dev is angry

Shani Jayant 2021: The day of Shani Jayanti is special. There is a solar eclipse on this day. Such a coincidence is happening after 148 years according to the Panchang. Shani Dev is the son of Surya. On the day when there is an eclipse on the Sun, the birthday of Shani Dev is being celebrated on the same day.

Angered with Sun God, Shiva did penance
Shani Dev is a devotee of Lord Shiva. According to mythological belief, Shani Dev was born at Shingnapur in Maharashtra. In Shani Stotra, Shani is described as the king of planets. Saturn has a special status in astrology. According to the legend, once the Sun God reached near his wife Chhaya, his wife Chhaya closed her eyes with the light and brilliance of the Sun. Due to this behavior, Chhaya got the son of Shyamvarna, Shani Dev. Seeing this color form of Shani Dev, Sun God made a serious allegation on Chhaya that he is not my son. Due to this Shani Dev became very sad and angry.

Lord Shiva gave this boon
Shani Dev was very angry with this behavior done by his mother and father and due to this he did severe penance for Shiva. Lord Shiva was pleased with Shani Dev’s severe penance and asked for a boon, then Shani Dev said that since ages, my mother Chhaya has been defeated. Father Surya has constantly harassed my mother. That’s why I want that I should be more worshiped than my father and that breaks his ego. Lord Shiva gave a boon after listening to Shani Dev that from today onwards Shani will be considered the best among all the planets. Lord Shiva appointed Shani Dev as the judge of the earth. Since then Shani Dev has been providing fruits to the people on the basis of their deeds.

Shani gets angry by doing these things.
If you want the blessings of Shani Dev, then some work should not be done even by forgetting.

  1. Weak persons should never be harassed.
  2. Shani gives harsh punishment to those who oppress women
  3. Those who work hard should never be disrespected.
  4. Do not use your rights to harm others.

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