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Pegasus case: Imran Khan selected as Person of Interest by India in 2019: Report

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New Delhi. Leaked Pegasus database shows that in 2019, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was chosen as the Person of Interest by India. This has been claimed in the report of The Guardian. The Guardian has revealed that the leaked database at the heart of the Pegasus project contains the mobile phone numbers of French President Emmanuel Macron and 13 other heads of state and government.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan are also listed in the data, which includes diplomats, military chiefs and senior politicians from 34 countries.

The Guardian said that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was chosen as the Person of Interest by India in 2019.

Neither India nor Pakistan has commented specifically on the claim that Delhi has chosen to target Khan, the report said. India has said that it has well-established protocols for interception, which only require approval from high-ranking national or regional authorities for reasons that are clearly in the national interest.

With the help of the Israeli spyware Pegasus, the ruckus that broke out over the hacking of phones of big personalities including many politicians and journalists around the world is gaining momentum not only in India but also in neighboring Pakistan.

Reports of hacking of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s phone have come to the fore, but Imran’s ministers are constantly blaming India for this hacking. Pakistan’s Information and Broadcasting Minister Farooq Habib has given a statement about India in this hacking. He has said that Imran’s phone was probably hacked by former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif with the help of India’s PM Narendra Modi.

Minister Farooq Habib on Tuesday raised doubts about the role of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in secretly accessing personal data of his political opponents, reports Pakistani newspaper The Dawn, saying it is likely that Sharif may have tried to sway Narendra Modi. Received information (about Imran Khan) through Israeli spyware with the help of (Indian Prime Minister).

Habib said that Nawaz Sharif may have employed his ties with India to spy on Imran and breach his privacy through Israeli software.

He also said that Nawaz Sharif and Narendra Modi have had a close friendship.

Talking about the friendship of the two, Habib said that Modi had also stayed at a wedding ceremony in Nawaz Sharif’s family in Pakistan, while he later attended the inauguration ceremony of the Indian PM. These links indicate a strong relationship between them, the minister said.

He said, it is certain that Nawaz Sharif also obtained the phone data of Imran Khan with the help of Modi.

Israeli cyber security company NSO has said in its statement that the leaked list is not a list of targets or potential targets of NSO’s customers.

NSO, through its lawyers, had earlier said that the consortium has created a misconception about the way clients use the company’s technology. It said the 50,000 number is an exaggeration and the list may not be a list of numbers targeted by governments using Pegasus.


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