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One out of every two non-resident Indians in the US have been discriminated against in the last one year: Report claims

NRI Face Discrimination in US: Citizens of Indian origin living in America also face constant discrimination. According to a survey released on Wednesday, one out of every two citizens of Indian origin in America has to face it. Recently, this survey was done after coming to the fore of many incidents of racial discrimination in America. Here India is at number two in terms of the number of non-resident citizens. Also, according to this survey, social polarization among them is also very much dominating here.

This report has been published with the title ‘Social Reality of Indian-Americans’. This online survey has been done jointly by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Johns Hopkins-SAIS and the University of Pennsylvania. The survey covered 1,200 US citizens of Indian origin and was prepared in collaboration with research and analytics firm YouGov between September 1 and September 20 in 2020.

Most discrimination happens on the basis of color

According to the report, “Indian-origin citizens living in the US continue to face discrimination. Of these, the most discriminated on the basis of appearance and within the last one year, one out of every two Indians of Indian origin.” The American citizen has to face it.” These include people of Indian origin who were born in America. According to the report, “A very shocking thing has come out in this survey. Citizens of Indian origin who were born in America have to face the most incidents of such discrimination.”

Political polarization dominates in America too

The report also states that the polarization between Indian-Americans reflects the ongoing trend in American society. It states that, ‘religious polarization at the individual level is low, while the cases of partisan polarization on political grounds are very high in both India and America. Although it is not the same, Republicans who support the Democrat party are reluctant to make close friends of Indian origin citizens who support the party. Whereas citizens of Indian origin who support the Republicans party do not think so.”

According to the report, most NRIs prefer to marry within their own community. The spouse of 8 out of 10 people is of Indian origin. On the other hand, a US-born NRI citizen is four times more likely to marry a spouse of Indian origin. However, according to the survey, they prefer to marry a person born in the US of Indian origin.

In the US, citizens of Indian origin make up more than one percent of the total population and less than one percent of all registered voters. Indian-Americans are the second largest expatriate group in the country. According to 2018 statistics, there are 42 lakh people of Indian origin living in America.

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