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Mining mafia attack on female forest officer in Morena

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Morena. In Morena, infamous for illegal mining, the forest officer was once again attacked by a mob. When the woman forest officer Shraddha Pandre was on patrol, the people of the mining mafia attacked. This is said to be the ninth attack on Pandhara in the last two months.

According to the information, Shraddha Pandre, a sub-divisional officer of the forest department, was on patrol with the security forces and the forest department staff on Wednesday night. During this, when they found illegal sand-laden vehicles, they stopped and confiscated them. Information was given to the police of Deogarh police station but did not get any help. After this, the security personnel who were with Pandre started taking the seized vehicles to the police station, then on the way people blocked the way by putting barbed wire in Pathanpura village and attacked. The attackers had weapons like guns, axes, sticks etc.

It is told that the forest officer was attacked by the mob, then a security jawan defended him and he got hurt in his hand. Pandre told the media that when he asked the villagers and mafia people why the police were not stopping them, they told that he was paying the entry fee to the police.

The forest officer alleges that the police is not cooperating with them at all. Even on Wednesday night the police did not come.

Sources say that this is the ninth attack on Pandre by the mafia in the last two months.

It is to be known that Morena is always in discussions due to the antics of the mafia. A few years back, IPS officer Narendra Kumar was also murdered by the mafia here.


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