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Mexico: Former Administration Spent $300 Million For Pegasus Spyway

Mexico City: The head of Mexico’s financial intelligence unit, Santiago Nieto, said that between 2012 and 2018, former administration officials collected “spyware” from Israel’s NSOs. $ 300 million was spent from government funds to buy.

It appears that the ‘bill’ of programs like Pegasus spyware; includes additional payments, which may have been sent back to former government officials as bribes. Santiago Nieto, the head of Mexico’s financial intelligence unit, said on Wednesday that the information was being passed on to prosecutors in Mexico.

Moroccan government denies the news

Nito said that Lopez Obrador took office on December 1, 2018 and that ‘spyware’; Decided not to use Since then, there has been no evidence of any such activity being carried out by the present administration.

Moroccan king Mohammed VI was also among the possible targets

A member of the group, the French newspaper ‘Le Monde’ The cellphones of President Emmanuel Macron of France and 15 then-members of the French government could be among the possible targets of surveillance by Pegasus spyware from Morocco’s security agency in 2019. French public broadcaster ‘Radio France’ reported that the phones of King Mohammed VI of Morocco and members of his entourage were also among the possible targets.

The statement said, ‘‘The Kingdom of Morocco strongly condemns the persistent false, massive and malicious media campaign.’’ The government said that it ‘‘rejects these false and baseless allegations.’’

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Monsoon Session: There is a possibility of uproar in Parliament today regarding the espionage scandal, IT Minister will answer in Rajya Sabha


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