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Know what Arbaaz Khan said on trolling after divorce from Malaika Arora

Arbaaz Khan has talked about the trolling that happened after separating from Malaika Arora. Arbaaz and Malaika Arora got married in the year 1998. Both were together till the year 2017. Recently, Arbaaz Khan talked about his divorce in one of his interviews. Arbaaz Khan said, ‘It is useless things that people do. Do you really think that the more you say things the better? In my personal life, I have already gone through that upheaval, where I felt what I needed to feel. I have accepted the situation and moved on from it. We are all wrong, we make mistakes.

Apart from this, giving the example of the recent divorce of Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, Arbaaz Khan said, ‘Perhaps the fans, if they like a couple, they will always want to see them together, and this recently Aamir Khan. Same happened with Khan. It happens, but that doesn’t mean we’re bad people. There are only two people who feel why they were together. Journey had to be wonderful and beautiful together.

Arbaaz Khan further said, ‘Sometimes you have different paths, you become different types of people. You have to let them grow and be happy. I have never been influenced by people’s comments on my personal life, especially my relationships. Of course, I think those things weren’t even necessary, but one has to ignore it and move on.”

Arbaaz said that he has no reason to answer anyone and nothing to explain. Let us tell you that Arbaaz has returned with the new season of his talk show Pinch on Wednesday. Salman Khan became her first guest of this season. His guest list includes the names of many other stars along with Ananya Pandey, Farah Khan.

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