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Kitchen Hacks: If chillies become hot in vegetables, there is no need to take tension, follow these 5 tips

Fix Spices In Curry: Indians do not taste the food unless there is a tempering of chillies, but if the chillies become strong then the taste of the food deteriorates. Many people put more chillies to bring red color to the vegetable, but later it becomes difficult to eat such vegetable. Apart from this, many times, by mistake, chillies get too much in the vegetable. In this case you do not need to worry. We are giving you some tips to reduce chili in the vegetable. You can reduce the pungency of chili in the vegetable by adopting these home remedies. Know 5 tips to reduce chili in vegetables

1- Use of Desi Ghee and Butter- If ever you find more chilies in vegetables, lentils or casseroles, then you can easily reduce chilies. You can add butter or desi ghee to vegetables, dal or pulao. This will reduce the pungency and enhance the taste.  

2- Use of honey and sugar- If the spiciness of your vegetable is not reducing even after adding butter and ghee, then you can add some sugar or honey to the vegetable. However, keep in mind that only a small amount of honey or sugar has to be used in the vegetable. This will bring a slight sweetness to the vegetable and the pungency of the chili will be reduced.
3- Use of Maida- If you have more chili in anything, then use Maida can do. For this, add a little flour in a spoonful of oil and fry it lightly. Now mix it in the chili vegetable. This will thicken the gravy of the vegetable and reduce the spiciness.

4- Use of lemon juice- If there is more salt and chili in the vegetable, you should use lemon juice. Adding lemon juice to vegetables, lentils or casseroles will also enhance the taste of food and it will also reduce the spiciness of chili. 
5- Use cream – If you have accidentally put more chili, then you can balance it by adding cream to the vegetable. To reduce the spiciness of the vegetable, add cream or cream and cook the vegetable on low flame. This will enhance the taste and color of the vegetable and reduce the pungency. 

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