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In the battle of Corona, the people of ‘Panna’ became an example, after all, read here

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Bhopal . Falling noon, clocks ringing at four, markets closing and people returning to their homes. Neither the siren’s noise is heard, nor the baton-bearing jawans are to be seen. This picture is of Panna district of Madhya Pradesh, where people are seen standing together in the fight being fought against this epidemic, following the instructions of the administration against Corona. Like other parts of the country, in Panna around April 20, the effect of the second wave of corona was frightening and the number of patients had crossed 100. These conditions were troublesome for this area, but also frightening. There is also a big reason for this because this district does not have the health facilities which were necessary for the patients of Corona. Not only this, serious patients would have to travel at least four hours from Panna to reach the big hospital. This is because from Panna to Jabalpur, Sagar is at a distance of more than 200 kms. In such situations, the cooperation of the general public was necessary to control the corona.

The spread of corona was increasing continuously in the district. In such a situation, the district administration made a strategy and sent a message to the people that if they remain alert and alert, then this epidemic can be won. For this it was necessary that in case of cough, cold and fever, the investigation must be done. Various teams were made by the administration and they were sent door to door. Overall, the speed of investigation of corona was increased. Testing was done 24 hours a day. Due to this, about 900 people came forward who were suffering from cold and fever. He was treated. The same large number of corona infected came to the fore.

It has been told that the kind of health facilities the patient needed were provided. Patients who needed to be admitted to the hospital were admitted to the hospital. At the same time, patients were also kept in home isolation, they were regularly monitored. The doctors continued to communicate with such people. This instilled confidence in the patients and their problems were also solved.

District Magistrate Sanjay Kumar Mishra says, “Where treatment facilities are being provided to the corona infected, then those living in home isolation were also given proper medical advice. Apart from this, the doctors regularly communicate with the patients who are healthy so that they can be saved from post covid problems.

The entire state was locked down to control the corona, because the only way to break the chain of corona is the lockdown. The process of unlocking is going on from June 1. Usually the administration and the police use sticks to ensure that the rules are followed, but this was not emphasized in Panna. It was explained to the people that if they adopt SMS (social distancing, use of masks and washing hands with soap or sanitizing) then corona infection will be prevented.

District Magistrate Sanjay Kumar Mishra says, “It has been settled in the mind of the people from the headquarters of Panna district to the village that it is necessary to be vigilant in the fight against Corona. This is the reason why they are following the instructions given by the administration to the people. There is no need to deploy police force anywhere to ensure that the rules are followed. The shopkeepers themselves close the shops at four o’clock in the afternoon and people go to their homes. ”

He further says, “The common people should not have to worry about the essential goods and economic activities should continue. Continuous efforts are being made in this direction. Along with this, necessary steps are being taken to prevent corona infection. There was an old oxygen plant here which was commissioned, as a result, there was a problem of oxygen here. At the same time, people helped in stopping the corona, so the situation is improving continuously.

On reaching from the district headquarters of Panna to any town and village, it is clearly visible that people are determined to defeat Corona. This is the reason why the markets are closed and the movement of the common man on the roads is reduced. Like other parts, there is a large number of people using masks, which gives a message of awareness. The police are not seen following the rules, which makes one feel that people have started disciplining themselves.


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