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If you have sleep problems, then know how big this danger is for you

Do you struggle to sleep at night, can’t fall asleep quickly? Researchers say that whatever the cause, but its result can soon come out in the form of death. The report published in the Journal of Sleep Research said that people with sleep problems are at higher risk of early death. This severe outcome was greater in type 2 diabetes patients. In the research, 5 lakh middle-aged people were included and they were asked whether they had trouble sleeping at night or had to wake up in the middle of the night.

Higher risk of early death from sleep disturbances

The results showed that sleep problems increased the risk of death from any cause by 87 percent, especially in people with diabetes. Researchers say that a strong link between lack of sleep and poor health already exists, but the new results are shocking, it clearly shows the problem. Diabetes alone increases the risk of mortality by 67 percent. But, patients with diabetes with sleep problems have a higher risk of death by up to 87 percent. In other words, diagnosis of sleep problems becomes especially important for proper treatment to doctors treating diabetes.

The relationship between diabetes and sleep problems

Researchers say this is the first time an attempt has been made to combine sleep disorders with diabetes and the risk of mortality. Dr Raj Dasgupta, assistant professor and sleep specialist at the University of Southern California, said, “In this type of research, only the relationship was revealed and not the causal relationship.” He acknowledged that the research results are disturbing, but not surprising because diabetes is a dangerous disease and can be easily affected by sleep. Are you suffering from poor sleep problems because your diabetes is not controlled or are sleep problems making your diabetes worse? Therefore, doctors should take sleep problems as seriously as any other factor to reduce their overall risk.

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