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How to clean chimney? Know 4 Simple Ways

How to clean Kitchen Chimney: Nowadays everything from living room to kitchen has become hi-tech. By installing a chimney in the kitchen, smoke and oil do not spread throughout the house while cooking. Having a chimney in the kitchen also reduces the mess. The chimney in the kitchen is used for safety so that the rest of the house is not disturbed by the smoke and dirt while cooking. Nowadays, in the open kitchen culture, the chimney has become more important. However, it is also necessary to clean the chimney from time to time. If you do not take good care of the chimney then the chimney will not work properly. Not only this, due to not cleaning the chimney, there is also a risk of fire in it. But cleaning the kitchen chimney is no less than a task. Smooth and sticky chimneys are very difficult to clean. Today we are telling you 4 simple ways to clean the chimney to remove your problem. With which you can easily clean it.

1- Detergent and dishwashing liquid- If you keep cleaning the kitchen from time to time, then you should also keep cleaning the chimney. However, it is very difficult to clean the chimney. If the chimney is not very dirty, then you can clean it by mixing detergent and liquid dish soap in hot water. Remove the filter of the chimney and put it in this solution and clean it with a brush.

2- Use baking powder- You can also use baking powder to clean the chimney. For this, put the baking powder on the chimney filter. Now put the filters in a big vessel and put vinegar, salt and hot water in it and leave it for a while. After about 2 hours, take them out of the water and clean them. You can also clean the hood of the chimney with a solution of baking powder and vinegar.

3- Use caustic soda- You can also clean the chimney with caustic soda. First remove the chimney filters. Heat water in a vessel and put the filter in a bucket or tub. Now add hot water and caustic soda to it and leave it for 1 hour. The dirt on the filters will come up from the caustic soda. Now remove the filter from the water and wash it thoroughly with soap or soap, after drying, put it on the chimney.

4- Use Vinegar- If the chimney is not very dirty then you can clean it with vinegar as well. For this, take out the filters of the chimney. Put vinegar in a vessel and keep it, and you dip a paper towel in it. Now clean the chimney thoroughly with that paper.

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