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Health Tips: It is important to keep the intestine and stomach healthy, follow these 3 easy measures

The intestines are important in the digestion process of our body. There is a small intestine and a large intestine in the body. The job of the intestine is to digest healthy and nutritious things from the food. Intestines work to remove bad substances from the body. The intestines also do the work of delivering nutrients to the body. In such a situation, to keep the stomach right, it is very important to keep the intestine healthy. If there is any problem in the intestine, then our digestive system is first affected by it. It affects the whole body. Our immunity becomes weak and infection or other problems surround the body. The intestine also protects you from many types of bacterial and virus infections. The intestines are also related to your brain. Its chemicals and neurotransmitters control your feelings. Today we are telling you some simple ways to keep the intestine and stomach healthy. know.

1- Eat food that makes the intestines turmeric- To keep the intestines safe, you need to change your diet. You should take such food which keeps the intestine healthy. For this, it is necessary to include raw, boiled and cooked vegetables in the food. Eat some fruits, nuts, sprouts and food rich in prebiotics in your diet. Foods rich in prebiotics increase the good bacteria in the intestines. Also, you should include colorful fruits and vegetables in the food. Add probiotics to foods such as yogurt, fermented dairy foods, goat’s milk and fermented kefir, microalgae, miso soup, sauerkraut, or pickles.

2- Adopt healthy lifestyle- If you adopt a healthy lifestyle, half the diseases will run away from you. If you want to take care of the intestines, then follow the right routine for this. This will also keep the intestinal health good. You have to take care of your sleeping, waking up, and exercising and eating. By following the routine, both your stomach and intestine will be healthy. You should avoid excessively sweet and fried foods in food. Use more dairy products in food.

3- Must take protein diet- For intestinal health, you must include protein-rich food in your diet. Protein is essential for keeping both your stomach and intestine healthy. You must include protein-rich food like cottage cheese, pulses, whole grains and eggs in two meals of the day. You must also include fruits and vegetables in the diet. Protein is very helpful for stomach and for weight loss.

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