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Hari is pleased to hear the story of Satya Narayan.

Ashadh Purnima: This time Ashadh Purnima is falling on Saturday 24th July. Adiguru Ved Vyasji was born on this day, hence it is also called Guru Purnima. According to the Hindu calendar, this time the Ashadha Purnima date will start from 10:43 am on Friday, July 23 and will remain till 08:06 am on July 24. As Udaya Tithi is valid, Ashadh Purnima will be celebrated on Saturday 24th July.

This time two yogas are being formed on Ashadh Purnima. First Preeti Yoga is being formed from 6:12 am on 24th July, which will remain till 03:16 am on 25th July. While the second Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is being formed on 24th July. It will be from 12:40 pm to 05:39 am on July 25. This yoga is considered very best for the accomplishment of special tasks.

It is believed that the work done in both these yogas gives desired success, that is why in the past, people have been starting their new work by taking the blessings of the Guru on the day of Ashadhi Purnima or Guru Purnima. On this day, to please Lord Vishnu, his devotees listen to Satyanarayan Katha. Due to the high mythological importance of Ashadh Purnima, the tradition of worshiping gurus has been carried out since time immemorial, but the worship method started from Ved Vyas Jayanti is still fully fruitful. With this date the month of Ashadh ends and the month of Shiva Shravan begins.

Rahukaal for two and a half hours
On Ashadh Purnima, the moon will rise from 07:51 pm. On this day Rahukal will also be there from morning itself, which will be from 09:03 am to 10:45 am. During this auspicious works are prohibited. This period is also not considered inauspicious for planning.

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