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Despite being beneficial, there is harm to health from litchi, know these major side-effects

There is no doubt that a particular fruit litchi has many health benefits. Litchi is known to increase immunity. It is also used to reduce weight. This fruit prevents cancer, improves digestion, strengthens bones and lowers blood pressure. Lychee helps to protect against viruses, improve blood flow and accelerate metabolic activities.

But, despite that, litchi is not free from side-effects. Litchi contains a high amount of sugar. Some people may be allergic to its use. Lychee can also become the reason for increasing hormonal imbalance in the body. It can also cause internal bleeding, fever or some other problems.

Lychee side-effects

Litchi is ‘hot’ Lychee may be sweet and savory in taste, but according to Chinese culture, it has a hot nature. The use of too much litchi can lead to bleeding in the nose, swelling of the throat.

Harmful for pregnant women Pregnant women should avoid using litchi till the breastfeeding stage as the fruit can cause hemorrhage and infection and may harm the baby.

Litchi increases weight- If you are trying to lose weight, then it is time to stop using litchi. By using too much litchi, you will get more number of calories which can lead to weight gain.

Auto-immune diseases- Lychee is an excellent source of vitamins C and A, but eating too much can make our immune system hyperactive which increases the risk of auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus.

Allergies cause- Consuming more than 7 litchis in a day can cause allergic reactions such as swelling of tongue and lips, itching, hives and difficulty in breathing. For these reasons, it is advised to be careful and eat litchi in a balanced quantity.

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