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Corona Update: For the fourth consecutive day, less than one lakh cases came in the country, 3403 infected died in 24 hours

New Delhi: The situation worsened by the Corona epidemic in India is now improving. For the fourth consecutive day, less than one lakh corona cases have been reported. According to the latest data of the Ministry of Health, 91,702 new corona cases came in the last 24 hours and 3403 infected people have lost their lives. At the same time, 1 lakh 34 thousand 580 people have also been cured of corona. That is, 46,281 active cases were reduced on the last day. Earlier on Wednesday, 94,052 cases were registered.

Today, for the 29th consecutive day, there have been more recoveries than new cases of corona virus in the country. Till June 10, 24 crore 60 lakh corona vaccine doses have been given across the country. On the last day 32 lakh 74 thousand vaccines were administered. At the same time 37 crore 42 lakh corona tests have been done so far. About 20.44 lakh corona sample tests were done on the last day, whose positivity rate is more than 4 percent.

The latest situation of Corona in the country today-

  • total corona cases– Two crore 92 lakh 74 thousand 823
  • Total Discharge- two crore 77 lakh 90 thousand 73
  • Total Active Cases- 11 lakh 21 thousand 671
  • total death- 3 lakh 63 thousand 79

The death rate from corona in the country is 1.23 percent while the recovery rate has exceeded 94 percent. Active cases have come down to less than 4 percent. India ranks second in the world in terms of corona active cases. India also ranks second in terms of the total number of infected. Whereas in the world after America, Brazil has the highest number of deaths in India.

12,207 new cases of corona in Maharashtra, 393 deaths
In Maharashtra, the country’s most infected state, 12,207 new patients of corona virus were confirmed yesterday and 393 people died. After this, the total number of cases in the state increased to 58,76,087 and the death toll has reached 1,03,748. For the last few days, the daily cases of infection had come down to around 10,000. On March 9 this year, 9927 cases were reported in the state.

A total of 11,449 patients were discharged from hospitals after recovering from the infection during the day. After this, the number of patients who are free from infection has increased to 56,08,753. The infection-free rate in the state is 95.45 and the death rate is 1.77 percent. 1,60,693 patients are undergoing treatment for infection in the state.

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