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Brazil: Man faints due to fear of injection, video of getting Kovid vaccine viral

As the worldwide vaccination campaign continues, users on social media are sharing their pictures with the vaccine in its joy. Although most people are thrilled, there are some people who are afraid of injections. Actually something similar is seen in this viral video as well. Maguila Jr., who lives in Brazil, is afraid of injections, yet he goes to the convention center in Santos Beach, Sao Paulo with his friend to take his first dose of Kovid and can be seen waiting for his number.

During this he looks very scared and restless. At the same time, as soon as the injecting nurse comes to him, and gives the injection, he gets so scared seeing the injection that he falls on the ground and becomes unconscious. While his partner is making his video. At the same time, it is shown in the video that the medical staff takes care of him immediately, and efforts are made to bring Maguila to her senses. Where after some time he regains consciousness and he feels fine.

friend has Make maguilla of Video

In an interview, Maguilla’s friend told that ‘My partner went to get the AstraZenica vaccine, he has a super phobia and a big fear of injections, so I decided to make the video, because he was very nervous’. At the same time, this viral video is getting mixed response online.

users To Funny No felt Video

Different reactions of users are being seen on the video. Where most users did not consider the video funny and said that panic attacks and phobias of something are very real. At the same time, some people believe that while giving the vaccine, Maguilla should have been given a chair instead of standing and injecting.

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