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Avoid consuming alcohol after taking vaccination, drinking less between two doses will benefit

During the Kovid epidemic, India is such a country that during the first wave itself, it was among the most advanced countries in the process of making its vaccine, the fastest in the world. But while making the vaccine in India other than the whole world, more care was taken that what is the level of immunity of the people here due to the people living in our country and the effects of diseases occurring here.

India manufactured the vaccine

In many countries of the world, the work of research and making vaccines regarding Kovid started on a war footing and India also succeeded in this. After the vaccine named Covaccine in India, it is being tested and then it is being successfully implemented in India. Along with the Oxford-made Kovishield in India, now Russia’s vaccine Sputnik has also been approved to be applied in India.

Indians will have to reduce the habit of drinking alcohol

Along with vaccination, such studies also came out in which it was said that how we have to control our habits after both the dose of vaccine and after taking both the doses. In a report, people who are addicted to alcohol have been cautioned. According to the report, such people will have to curb the consumption of alcohol after both the doses of Kovad, that is, the difference between the first and second doses and after both doses.

Keeping a close watch on the side effects of the vaccine

After the vaccine was introduced in India, its side effects were also continuously monitored, in which reports and information were shared from time to time by health institutions and the Government of India, Ministry of Health. At the same time, people were asked to follow masks and social distance with good food and drink, which people also followed on a large scale. But there is a large number of people who consume alcohol in India, so the question also came to the fore whether alcohol consumption can play the role of any side effect in the Kovid vaccine? Reports have come out on this that it would be very good that people who consume alcohol should reduce the consumption of alcohol between the first vaccine and the second vaccine and after both the vaccines and if they do not consume alcohol for a few days. would be much better.

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